The Hip Hinge – The Forgotten Movement in Orlando FL


The Hip Hinge – The Forgotten Movement in Orlando FL

Following up on our earlier discussion about the couch stretch and how important it is in allowing the proper function of the hip, I was inspired to touch on an all-important movement- the hip hinge. This article will teach you how to properly perform the hip hinge for better health in Orlando FL.

The hip hinge is performed with a neutral straight spine and a slight bend in the legs.

From this point, the butt sinks back while flexing at the hips making the torso more horizontal.

Chiropractor Orlando FL Dr. James Baily Exercise Demo
Chiropractor Orlando FL Dr. James Baily Exercise Demo

Using The Hip Hinge in Orlando FL

The key is that the angle of the knees DOES NOT CHANGE. All too often I see this move butchered where the individual turns it into a half squat and half hinge, taking the load off the intended muscle groups and possibly leading to injury.

Some of the most common uses of the hip hinge are movements like the kettlebell swing and Romanian deadlifts (RDLs). The hip hinge is a foundational movement that allows us to load the glutes and posterior chain which are often inhibited due to sitting for extended periods with poor posture. If the body is unable to hinge at the hips properly, we often compensate by overextending the lumbar spine which dramatically increases the risk of injury. This is a movement I feel is extremely important and will continue to create posts about improving the technique of the hip hinge.

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