WHO WE HELP in Orlando FL

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

We help people in Orlando FL of all backgrounds.

We are here to care for you, no matter your level of health or your cause of injury.

The fact is that we all experience trauma. It can be as sudden as a car accident and as incremental as poor posture at work. In any case, trauma can affect your spine and cause pain, spasms, muscle tightness, reduced function, and a variety of other negative impacts on your health. We offer services to address the core issues, not the symptoms, so we can provide you with a life free of pain and full of health.

While we help people of all backgrounds, we often work with several populations within our community.

ATHLETES in Orlando FL

No matter your level of competition, we ensure that you are moving in a way that optimizes performance and reduces the risk of injury. If you get injured, we treat and rehabilitate you to get you back in the game. We also offer sports and school physicals.


The birthing process can be a traumatic event. We check the spine following birth and as the child grows to ensure optimal neurological functioning and structural development.


As we age, some of the tasks that used to be easy become more difficult. We keep you functioning at a high level.


The best health habits often come from your family—whether eating, exercising, or going regularly to medical check-ups. We provide support and guidance for the whole family and any individualized care that your loved ones need.


Many women develop back or sciatic pain during their pregnancy. Our services promote a smooth pregnancy and delivery of the baby.


Pain is a distraction from the important parts of life, and at its worst, it can be debilitating. Whether you suffer from mild back or neck pain, a herniated disk, or even a pinched nerve, we help to alleviate your suffering so you can focus on the things that matter.

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