What Usually Causes Neck Pain in Orlando FL?


What Usually Causes Neck Pain in Orlando FL?

We are a chiropractic clinic in Orlando FL called Verte Chiropractic, and we care about your health. Our business is to care for you, no matter the level of your injury. We offer chiropractic services; chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic biophysics, diagnosis imaging, therapeutic laser treatment, and soft tissue mobilization. As health providers, we believe prevention is better than cure. As much as we are eager to treat your neck pain issues, we would also give you useful information on the causes of neck pain. With that information, you will engage in healthy practices to reduce your chances of suffering neck pain.


Poor Posture May Lead to Acute Neck Pain

With the digital age of social media and working on the internet at its optimum, you may find yourself hunched over a computer for ages. Did you know that you are gearing up for serious health complications in that position? Looking straight down at a computer, tablet, or phone will slowly but surely lead to complications in your neck.

Awkward Sleeping Position

Watch how you sleep because it may cause your spine serious problems. When you are sleeping or lying down, avoid holding your head at a bad angle or wrongly twisting at night. As described above, if you sleep badly, you will experience serious neck pain and a stiff neck in the morning.

Repetitive Motions

If you are engaged in leisure or occupational activities that cause you to be in a repetitive motion, ensure that you seek professional guidance on how best to avoid straining your neck or back. For example, if you are dancing or swimming, take care not to overuse your neck’s ligaments, tendons, or muscles. That may lead to serious neck pains later.

Trauma is a Common Cause of Neck Pains

Trauma is caused by many things, including shock from collisions and accidents. Suppose you experience an accident and feel a slight strain or pain in your body muscles or bones. In such cases, you should consider seeking professional assistance from a Chiropractor as early as possible to avoid aggravating the problem. With a chiropractor in Orlando FL such as Verte, get your problem identified as fast as possible and engage in proper treatments.

Other causes of common chronic pains in the neck include; the disease of cervical degenerative disc, cervical osteoarthritis, cervical herniated disc, myofascial pain syndrome, infections of the cervical spine leading to inflammation and neck pains, emotional stress, spondylolisthesis, fibromyalgia, and spinal tumor.

Being well-equipped with the causes of neck pain will help you observe best practices for the health of your spine. It will be easier to prevent mild or chronic neck distress and pains by properly observing the commonly easy-to-follow behaviors like proper sleeping postures, sitting positions, and safe posture in repeated activities. Please visit Verte Chiropractic since we are the best Orlando FL chiropractor if you have had an accident.

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