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Chiropractic Adjustments

The adjustment is the cornerstone of the chiropractic profession. The process involves finding restrictions of motion in a joint and then applying a thrust along a specific vector to allow proper motion and function of that joint. Spinal adjustments can have a profound effect on the nerves that stem out from the spine, sending signals to organs and other tissues.

Chiropractic BioPhysicsⓇ

This technique allows us to develop a specific protocol to restore posture. Accidents, injuries, and poor ergonomics can alter the shape of the spine, affecting the nerves that stem out and forcing some muscles to bear more weight. This often reduces the function of the tissues and organs those nerves supply, leading to chronic muscle tightness or spasms.

Detailed Diagnostic Imaging

We offer on-site digital X-rays. They can help us to learn about serious conditions that are not possible to detect through other tests, and can provide clarity on results of a traditional chiropractic examination. As a result, we can develop specialized treatment plans.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a technique that allows the doctors to detect and effectively break up scar tissue and fascial adhesions. In doing so, this promotes an improved range of motion and enhanced biomechanics.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

We provide laser therapy using a K-Laser Class IV Therapeutic Laser. This enables us to direct red and near-infrared wavelengths of light at locations we are targeting during treatment. Demonstrated effects include reduced inflammation, increased circulation, pain reduction, and enhanced tissue healing.